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Christos Paraskevas LLC Overview

Christos Paraskevas LLC is a multi service law firm based in Nicosia, Cyprus, dedicated to providing its clients with professional, highly personalized legal and consulting services. Areas of practice include administrative law, commercial and civil litigation, debt collection, corporate and fiduciary services – tax planning, criminal defense, employment and labor, family law, immigration and residence, intellectual property, real estate law and immovable property, shipping and maritime law, wills, and estate administration.

Mr. Christos Paraskevas, founder and managing partner of the firm, graduated from the Law School of Aristotle University of Salonica in Greece and then continued his studies in the United Kingdom, obtaining an LL.M. (Master in Laws) in Commercial Law from the University of Bristol. He has attended a number of seminars and conferences on Commercial and Corporate law in Cyprus and overseas and he is the author of publications and articles on various legal topics.

With commitment and integrity, Christos Paraskevas LLC applies experience and knowledge to serve a vast range of clients both in Cyprus and at an international level including multinational and national corporations, private businesses, and individuals.

Languages: English, Greek.

Christos Paraskevas LLC Areas of Law


Additional Areas of Law: Debt Collection and Recovery; Corporate and Fiduciary Services; Residence; Immovable Property; Wills and Estate Administration; Guardianships; Contested Wills & Probate Disputes; Organized Crime Activities; Cyprus Investment Companies; Energy Law; EU and Competition Law; Dispute Resolution; Business Crime, Commercial Fraud and Cybercrime; Interim Measures; Medical and Clinical Negligence; Road Traffic Accidents; Manslaughter and Homicide; Assaults; Violent Offences; Organized Crime, including Blackmail, Bribery and Corruption; Theft; Trade Description Offences; Rape; Child Abuse; Child Pornography; Kidnap; Road Traffic Offences; Health and Safety Offences; Property Crimes; Violent Crime.

Christos Paraskevas LLC Areas of Law Description

– Commercial and Civil Litigation

Christos Paraskevas LLC has a wide commercial and civil litigation practice, covering all areas of commercial and civil law with particular emphasis on Shareholders’ Disputes, Interim Reliefs, Winding up Applications, Recognition and Enforcement of foreign judgments and arbitral awards, Personal Injuries & professional Negligence
All cases with the philosophy of pursuing the best interest of our clients. actions.

Our litigation department works with clients to resolve disputes in effective manner through prompt assistance and sound legal advice. We approach

Our law firm provides efficient legal advice and legal representation mainly in the following practice areas:

A) Commercial Litigation

When business disputes occur, our firm has the right experience and capability to deal with all the potential issues that may arise. Our Firm represents clients involved in a wide range of national and international commercial disputes.

Our practice has extensive experience in the following areas of litigation:

-Shareholders’ Disputes with particular emphasis on complex shareholders’ disputes, interim reliefs, including anti-suit, freezing (Mareva injunctions), disclosure (Norwich Pharmacal injunctions ) and search injunctions (Anton Piller injunctions ).
-Directors’ and Officers’ Liability Claims
-Minority Shareholders’ protection and derivative actions
-Breach of fiduciary duties actions
-Compulsory Liquidations
-Members Voluntary Liquidation
-Creditors Voluntary Liquidations,
-Corporate Voluntary Arrangements
-Winding-up applications
-Recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments and arbitral awards
-Injunctive relief for the prevention of the dissipation of marital assets in the context of multi-jurisdictional divorces
-financial investigations, interim orders to identify, trace and preserve assets in Cyprus or abroad, enforcement of recovery actions, concerning a suspected or confirmed corporate fraud.

– Personal Injuries, Negligence & Torts

Our firm advise and litigate on behalf of our clients on matters relating to personal injury, or relating to negligence resulting in economic loss. We deal in all areas of Personal Injury cases including but not limited to:

-medical accidents
-accidents at work employer’s negligence)
-professional negligence
Our firm carefully evaluates all cases by thoroughly scrutinizing all the information and we often employ the help of experienced medical consultants and experts to determine the merits of our clients’ case.

– Debt Collection

We have designed our debt recovery practice so as to meet our Clients’ requirements and needs with respect to recovering and collecting amounts due to them. In all matters, our practice is committed to providing clients with a swift and practical service that is focused on achieving our client’s objective in a cost-effective manner.

We have the expertise to achieve the efficient practical and commercial resolution of disputes arising from corporate failures. We have experience of working on behalf of a broad range of clients who are creditors, debtors and insolvency practitioners in Cyprus and other jurisdictions.

Our Debt Recovery legal services entail the following:

-Pre-action warnings and collections
-Initiation of litigation proceedings claiming the amounts due
-Recognition and enforcement of judgments for the amounts due
-Bankruptcy proceedings against debtors
-Winding-up proceedings against debtors

– Corporate and Fiduciary Services – Tax Planning

A) Company formation and administration – Tax Planning

Our firm provides a complete range of corporate and fiduciary services, which include, but are not limited to:

-Incorporation of Cyprus corporations
-Provision of registered office and company secretary
-Provision of corporate or individual nominee shareholder(s) under trust agreement;
-Provision of nominee directors
-Allocating bank accounts and appointing bank signatories:
-On-going management and administration of corporations
-Preparing and holding meetings of directors and shareholders;
-Mergers, including EU – cross border mergers,
-Joint ventures, acquisitions,
-Drafting, negotiation and implementation of shareholders’ agreements,
local and cross border mergers, corporate restructurings, secured project financing and securitization

ii) International Companies

Christos Paraskevas LLC can assist you to register a company in the most popular jurisdictions, with the entire company formation procedure, from the initial incorporation steps to the continued company management and administration.

Our Firm is offering Company formation and administration services in various countries all over the world such as:

-British Virgin Island,
and many others.

B) International Cyprus Trusts – Tax Planning

Our firm can advise as to the procedure of setting up a trust, draft the Trust Deed and generally complete this procedure. Furthermore, our firm, acting through trustee companies owned and controlled by lawyers in our firm, can act as trustees, settlors, or protectors and administer trusts.

– Employment Law

Christos Paraskevas LLC advises on a wide range of labour and employment issues, including setting up employment policies and compliance practices, employment contracts, collective agreements, restrictive covenants, termination of employment, information and consultation, employee share option plans, social insurance, employer and employee obligations, redundancy, unfair dismissal, protection of maternity, discrimination at work, health and safety, corporate immigration, providence fund registration, liaising with ministry and trade unions, collective agreements, confidentiality and non-compete obligations, employer manuals, employment dispute resolution.

In addition, Christos Paraskevas LLC maintains significant experience in employment litigation, representing both employers and employees in cases of redundancy claims, unfair dismissal claims, enforcement of employee’s rights and other disputes relevant to Cyprus employment law.

Our firm routinely answers queries from individuals and corporate clients on employment law matters.

– Family Law

Family Law is a highly sensitive area of law, as it deals with all legal principles concerning the relations between Family members, such as spouses and parent-child interaction.

Family Law involves cases with the dissolution of any civil marriage; family matters in court proceedings instituted under the provisions of bilateral or multilateral treaties to which Cyprus is a signatory; and matters of parental support, maintenance, adoption, property relations between spouses, etc.

Within this field of practice, we recognize the importance of acting with discretion and care, the focus of our approach being to minimize as far as possible the emotional and financial costs associated with what is, frequently, a stressful time for those involved.

Our firm offers advice and representation over all Family Law proceedings and can handle each case with respect and discretion, aiming to develop a personal relationship with our clients, based on mutual trust.

Our family law practice advises on all issues of family law:

-divorce and separation,
-child custody,
-maintenance and care disputes,
-adoption, cohabitation,
-financial provision,
-asset separation and management,
-paternity disputes,
-disputes in relation to the matrimonial house and assets
-drafting of relevant agreements and other family law related matters.

Our firm may assist with family disputes concerning nationals from different countries residing in Cyprus and complex issues in relation to jurisdiction, separation of the assets, divorce etc.

-Immigration Law and Residence

Christos Paraskevas LLC deals with all matters relating to Immigration Law and assist our clients in regard to citizenship applications, residence planning for individuals and their families who wish to acquire the Cypriot Citizenship through the Citizenship-By-Investment program of the Cyprus Government. Our Firm further assist with applications through naturalization, applications for immigration permits, permanent residence permits, employment permits and visas.

The members of our firm aim to provide to our clients step-by-step instructions and guidance which will lead them through the process, while at the same time to avoid any application errors which inevitably cause substantial delays.

Our Law Firm has been dealing with all types of immigration issues, relating to the various types of entries such as:

-Entry Permit
-First Temporary Residence and Employment Permit
-Renewal of Temporary Residence and Employment Permit
-Registration of EU Citizens and Members of their Family
-Third Country National Members of EU Citizens who have been employed by IBU Companies
-Family Reunification Permit
-Long Term Resident Permit
-Cypriot Citizenship
-Permanent Residency in Cyprus under Category “F”
-Permanent Residency in Cyprus under Category “E”
-The members of our firm, would be happy to answer any questions or clarifications you may have, regarding Immigration matters.

-Intellectual Property Law

Our law firm offers a full range of contentious and non-contentious legal services in Intellectual Property Law.

A) Non – contentious services

-Advice on the acquisition, of all intellectual property
-Registration and renewal of trade marks (including EC Trade Marks and international registration of trademarks through WIPO), patents (national, European and international), industrial designs (including EC Designs) and copyrights
-Design right infringement (registered and unregistered)
-Counselling on licensing and franchising.
-Opposition to registration
-Contractual matters relating to Intellectual Property
-Advice on all related tax aspects

B) Contentious services

Our Firm advises and represents our clients before the Cyprus Courts in contentious matters relating to the enforcement of their IP rights in Cyprus, including oppositions, cancellations and counterfeiting actions, passing-off and unlawful competition procedures, recovery of damages as well as preventive measures against infringements of IP rights. Our Firm also represents our clients on proceedings before national authorities where objections to the registration process are raised.

The most frequent type of IP litigation is infringement of trade mark and passing off, infringement of copyright and allied rights and infringement of design rights.

– Real Estate Law and Property Law

Our Firm provides a full array of transactional and consulting services in various matters of real estate law including, buying or selling a home, industrial and residential developments, home building and other types of residential, industrial and commercial ventures.

Our lawyers have extensive knowledge in various matters including retail, industrial and residential developments, home building and other types of residential, industrial and commercial ventures.

A) Non Contentious Real Estate Services

Christos Paraskevas LLC offers a broad range of non-contentious residential and commercial property services including but not limited to:

Cyprus Real Estate Property Purchase, Property Sale, Lease Agreements, Building Contracts, Cyprus Real Estate Management Agreements

Our Firm provides assistance and advice on every aspect of commercial and private real estate issue, including:

-Undertaking advance legal due diligence in order to ensure the property’s status
-Negotiating, Drafting and/or Reviewing Sale and Purchase Contracts, as well as Lease and Rental Agreements
-Acquisition of property by non-residents
-Property management for non-residents
-Representing our clients before the Inland Revenue (for stamp duties calculation and payment) and before the Land —–Registry (for registering the contract of sale)
-Representing our clients before domestic authorities for ensuring successful authorization in order to register the property under sale to our clients’ names
-Assisting on obtaining bank finance for property purchases

B) Real Estate Litigation

Our firm has participated in extensive litigation in connection with complex title issues and related matters, including interpretation of construction contracts, and other title matters.

We advise on large and small property disputes involving vendors and purchasers, landlords and tenants, developers, construction firms, management companies and financial institutions. Our expertise ranges from the litigation of basic contractual disputes to complex multi-jurisdictional measures to protect and enforce our clients’ property rights.

Our Firm offers personalized real estate representation before the Cyprus Courts from the most basic transaction such as buying or selling a home to the most complex restructuring a development.

We represent clients before the Courts of Cyprus on:

-Sale and Purchase disputes between seller and purchaser
-Trespassing issues and violations to the right of private property enjoyment
-Right of use and lease violations and terminations, and methods of obtaining vacant possession from tenants
-Landlords’ obligations towards tenants
-Professional negligence actions for wrongful surveys given by valuers, and management claims against management companies
-Neighbor disputes – such as rights to access, rights to light, nuisance and boundaries issues.

-Shipping and Maritime Law

Christos Paraskevas LLC maintains strong links with all sectors of shipping and maritime law and the firm provides assistance to our clients in all shipping-related fields of law including; ship finance, litigation and admiralty.

The firm advises owners, managers, charterers, freight forwarders and their respective insurers and helps to resolve commercial and legal problems in Cyprus and abroad.

We offer a full range of services for the purchase and sale of vessels, from the creation of an offshore corporation to the registration and documentation of the vessel.

Areas of work undertaken by the department include the registration of shipping companies and ships and yachts worldwide, their administration, transfer of ownership, change of name, deletion and crew payroll. We also handle freight and off-hire disputes, salvage, pollution, financing, security and choice of flag.

Our advice and assistance is sought on all types of maritime matters, including:

-Registration of shipping companies and ships and yachts worldwide, their administration, transfer of ownership, change of name, deletion and crew payroll Registration of shipping companies under the Cypriot flag
-Claims for loss or damage to cargo
-Disputes under shipbuilding and repairing contracts
-Financing, security and the enforcement of mortgages
-Personal injury claims
-Advising on the acquisition of new tonnage
-Aviation matters including aircraft registration and finance
-All related company law and tax matters
-Insurance coverage opinions

-Wills and Estate Administration

Christos Paraskevas LLC, provides expert advice on Cyprus law related to wills, probate and estate administration and can guide every client through probate, inheritance, trust and tax matters in a professional, sensitive and cost-effective manner.

While every probate, inheritance, trust and tax situation is unique, our primary goal remains consistent – protecting the interests of our clients and relieving the legal burden that may follow the passing of a loved one.

Our firm offers comprehensive services on all aspects of wills and estate administration including the below:

-Legal advice and Drafting and executing of wills
-Legal advice on estate planning
-Administration of estates
-Re-seal of foreign grants
-Guardian – For Children or Vulnerable Adults
-Powers of Attorney; preparation and registration
-Litigation – Contested Wills, Probate Disputes



Mr. Christos Paraskevas
Administrative Law, Admiralty and Maritime, Adoption, Boating Accident, Business Formation


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